The company

Wood One Oy, founded in 2008, initially started its business within the boat building industry.

The company launched its first furniture collection in autumn 2013 at Formex Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden. The collection draws its inspiration from the luxury sailing boats that are built in the same coastal area of Finland and the same methods and techniques are used as in the production of these large yachts.

We have been building the best boats in the world. Now we are applying the same know-how and craftsmanship on creating the best furniture in the world.

The raw materials used in the collection partly come from waste materials within the boat industry. The pieces are simple and ecological, creating the warm atmosphere that is natural for wood. All products are handmade in Kokkola, Finland.

Wood one also undertakes unique assignments that are custom made according to the customer’s requirements. More about our other services here.

We want to create timeless classics that can be used for generations to come.